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Suppliers To The Retail Industry

Yarra Valley Farms is Australia’s most trusted wholesale fruit and veg supplier to the retail industry. We service retail outlets across Australia from our distribution centres in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and The Gold Coast.


Read on to find out why the retail outlets use Yarra Valley Farms.

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Personal Service

The Fruit and Veg industry is unique in that the price and quality of what we deliver to our clients changes on a daily basis.

At Yarra Valley Farms we have set up all of our systems with the intention of using our size and buying power to deliver you the best quality fruit and vegetables at the best price we can achieve; all whilst we deliver you an individual service that allows us to help you get the best quality and the best price for your Supermarket or Fruit and Veg outlet.

When you come on board with Yarra Valley Farms we will assign you a PAL (Procurement, Accounts, Logistics) who will be personally responsible for all of your enquiries and needs.

Your PAL will be on the look-out  for opportunities at the market that will help your business, they will be the ones that you can call with any questions that you have and they can even help you with things like advice on floor relays, merchandising or anything else that will help you make more profit from your fruit and veg supplies.

Your PAL will be their every step of the way to help you build your business for the short and the long term.

Tailored Ordering

The Yarra Valley Farms Tailored Ordering system is a very important part of the way we service your needs. It is a system that allows us to be each client’s eyes and ears in the fruit markets, and their mouth when we meet with our farmers. It basically means that from when we take each order, to when we buy our produce, to when we pack each order, right up to when we deliver, the service is tailored to each individual client’s needs, not the Supermarket in the next suburb or the Fruit and Veg store around the corner. Sounds expensive? No way! In fact it can save you buckets of cash. It is the way we service each and every customer each and every day!


So how does this work? Simple. When we deliver to each store, we do not just drop off the produce and forget about them. No, that store’s assigned personal contact – PAL (Procurement, Accounts, Logistics) – thinks about the produce that each client orders and makes sure that it is what they want and need. This is the key to saving money and having your business and your customers completely satisfied.


Tailored Ordering Form.pdf

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Here at Yarra Valley Farms, we believe that the key to service is communication and this is one of the areas that we can really excel as a company. Communication is important for each and every Retail outlet. Via your PAL (Procurement, Accounts, Logistics), the level of communication on product quality, price, and availability is unsurpassed.

Product Alternatives

Any Retailer knows that “apples aren’t apples”. This rule applies to most produce. But getting the right produce for your needs is not always a simple task. Yarra Valley Farms’ Tailored Ordering System can help. A key advantage of our Tailored Ordering System is being able to provide Product Alternatives for your store.

Information Slips

Yarra Valley Farms provides information slips on a daily basis, as needed, in order to provide each Retailer with instant information on price, quality, and availability in order to run their businesses effectively.


Weekly newsletters are also provided by Yarra Valley Farms in order to give Retailers updates about general quality issues, price issues, and what is in or out of season.


The culture here at Yarra Valley Farms is one of teamwork with open, honest relationships. This extends out to our customers who we work together with to solve any issues they may have to make their life easier. Also, as a team, we would like to think our business culture is one of forward thinking that knows the quality of our work is of a high standard, with an aim to keep it up and further improve.

Customer Service as Absolute

To help communicate that we believe that service is a necessity and not a luxury, we would like to share with you an extract from our training manual.


“Most people would prefer to do business with another person, rather than a vending machine. Let the public see you as a real person, and cultivate that involvement. Show interest, and take advantage of opportunities to go above and beyond the call in fulfilling the needs of your customers. After all, helping others is truly a reward in itself.”

360º Feedback

Here at Yarra Valley Farms we welcome feedback from our customers on a daily basis. Embedded within our culture is our 360 Degree Feedback System which allows us to track any issues any customer may have before the next day. This puts us in a great position to react quickly to our customers needs.



Below is up map outlining the Yarra Valley Farms delivery areas.



Over the years at Yarra Valley Farms, we have created very tight relationships with our farmers and agents. We take pride in these strong relationships which have been formed via reliability and consistency on both sides coupled with consistent payments to our suppliers with short terms. We believe that by being excellent paymasters and being loyal customers we also get the best from our suppliers.


All our suppliers are HACCP certified and know that we expect the best in quality for all our produce. We do not hold produce for very long at all and purchase more frequently than most in order to help keep our product as fresh as possible.


We have at least three preferred suppliers for each product which is no secret to any of our suppliers. This ensures that we always receive the best quality produce at the best price, as well as allowing us to supply consistently throughout the year whilst each product faces its own individual peaks and troughs in price and quality. This also helps us in tracking the origin of produce to help rectify any quality issues.


Our packing processes have a high level of software and process entrenched within to ensure accurate and efficient fulfillment of orders. Each order is packed for each customer highlighting each individual client’s requirements on product such as size, ripeness, etc… Coupled with an allocated packing order for each customer within each delivery run, this ensures that customers receive delivery at their required times.


Quality is an important part of everything we do. For that reason we constantly strive to improve our produce, logistics and customer service. In April 26, 2005 we were certified by SGS with the HACCP standard as an indication of the standard that we set.



On April 26, 2005, Yarra Valley Farms became HACCP certified by SGS who is a prominent certifier and world leader in HACCP and other Quality Assurance Program audits. They are also the nominated auditor for the Woolworths Quality Assurance.


SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. SGS is recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity. With 39,000 employees, SGS operates a network of about 1,000 offices and laboratories around the world.


This certification was done within one month of application. This is a credit to Yarra Valley Farms and the stringent processes they apply in the day-to-day health and safety and the seriousness in which they take quality assurance.

Beyond HACCP

Beyond HACCP

In 2003-2004, Yarra Valley Farms in conjunction with the CSIRO developed processes to optimise the quality of their produce.

Three Temperatures

Three Temperatures

Here at Yarra Valley Farms we hold our produce under three different temperatures 2°, 9°, and ambient temperature. Although not compulsory for HACCP standards, we consider it essential to provide quality produce that maximises shelf life for our customers. It is a scientific fact that different produce breaks down faster if kept in temperatures below 5° and other common produce breaks down faster if kept in temperatures above 5°. This same problem occurs for produce not kept at ambient temperature.



Yarra Valley Farms’ sophisticated purchasing system helps to forecast our replenishment needs. As well as bulk buying daily, our buyers can quite easily determine what produce needs we have coming up over the following days. This allows us to turn over produce much faster and so further improve the quality and freshness of the produce you receive. Furthermore, it allows us to time the purchasing of our produce better and so benefit from upcoming price hikes and so save our customers even more money.



Yarra Valley Farms’ PAL (Procurement, Accounts, Logistics) system allows us to tailor your deliveries to best suit the needs of your outlet. From market conditions to farm supplies and your customer needs, everything can be taken into account by your PAL when creating a delivery schedule for you.

Our Vision

Yarra Valley Farms’ total focus revolves around quality, value, and personalised service to the Hospitality Industry. Our vision is:

"To be the most valued Fruit & Vegetable Supplier in the Hospitality Industry, via our strong partnerships with our Owner-operated Franchisees."


Daily Pricing

Historically, market prices nearing the end of the week can often be lower than the beginning. This is because it is the time when farmers try to push out most of their produce so they are not left with stock over the weekend. It is also the time when most people in hospitality put in their largest orders because of their large weekend trade. For this reason, Yarra Valley Farms chooses to price their produce daily in line with market trends.

Monthly Purchasing Report

Yarra Valley Farms’ Monthly Purchasing Report is available for each store to help them manage their purchasing. As well as head office being able to oversee their purchasing, it can be a real advantage to each Retailer to know how they are buying from one month to the next. Saving money is all about efficient purchasing, and our Monthly Purchasing Report can help them understand how efficiently they purchase from month to month.

Our Environment - Introducing enrich360

At Yarra Valley Farms we know that the future of everything we do is determined by the health of the planet and the farms that we source our fruit and vegetables from. To look after our future we have launched a project under the label of enrich360. enrich360 describes the process of returning the food waste created in our client’s kitchens to the soil at the farms where it came from. That way we can reduce landfill and reduce soil degradation whilst creating tastier and more nutritious food. Click on the enrich360 logo to find out more.