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Our vision is:

“To be the most valued Fruit & Vegetable Supplier in the Hospitality Industry, via our strong relationships with our Owner-operated Franchised partners”

At Yarra Valley Farms we believe that franchising is the most cost effective, customer focused manner to provide fruit & vegetables to our customers and we provide delivery franchises for sale. This is largely because of the benefits our customers can get from having a close relationship with their owner-operated fruit & veg supplier, whilst enjoying the benefits (such as buying power) that come from being backed by a larger company.

We believe that our strategy will revolutionise the way people buy their fruit & veg and so we are always looking for like-minded people who believe that good service and fair pricing can not only help others, but can be financially viable for themselves. Should you share our vision, join us today and buy a distribution franchise from Yarra Valley Farms.

If you buy a delivery franchise from us, the daily functions for you as a franchisee are quite simple. They involve picking up orders from the distribution centre in Yarraville, Melbourne and delivering them to your customers. These orders have been taken directly by Yarra Valley Farms, bought and packed throughout the night, ready for you in the morning.

Because the large majority, if not all, of the deliveries are done in the morning, you have plenty of time to continually grow your business with the support of Yarra Valley Farms and by approaching new prospects. If you want to buy a delivery franchise from a company that truly makes a difference, come to Yarra Valley Farms.

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The Numbers


Your investment in a Yarra Valley Farms franchise is $75,000 (ex GST) this grants you an exclusive territory with your franchise agreement, devoted sales support for 6 months, guaranteed $1,500 income per week to help you build your business plus full and comprehensive training. You will also require a vehicle and working capital.

Franchisee Growth

We don’t just talk about growth we show it, with the support of Yarra Valley Farms our franchisees continue to build their businesses within their territories using the support structures provided by Yarra Valley Farms.



When people consider growing their business they almost instantly start thinking about more staff, larger warehouse, bigger cool stores, etc.. These considerations are no issue as a Yarra Valley Farms Franchise. You have an infrastructure and support system that helps you grow as much as you like.

What’s more, we and the other Franchises help you grow. Our referral system helps business come to you. Chefs move to different restaurants in different territories and franchises help each other by referring business to you. Furthermore, each and every franchise is advertising for your business as well. The more franchises servicing Victorian restaurants, cafes, care homes, etc., the more advertising there is for your business.

Joining a Market Leader

Yarra Valley Farms was established on September 1, 2001. From the outset, the core focus of the company was to provide quality fresh produce to the hospitality industry with a dynamic combination of great service and fantastic wholesale prices. By franchising it would in effect give owner-operated franchisees a localised run to service, and the personal touch could be kept with each and every customer within this growing organisation.


The Franchise

How Does It Work

The daily functions for you as a franchisee are quite simple. They involve picking up orders from the distribution centre and delivering them to your customers.


These orders have being taken directly from your customers by Yarra Valley Farms, bought and packed throughout the night, ready for you in the morning.


Because the large majority if not all the deliveries are done in the morning, you have plenty of time to continually grow your business with the support of Yarra Valley Farms and by approaching new prospects.

Ever Consider Working For Yourself?

Remember the time when it was a swear word to say “I want some quality of life?” The time when a good work ethic meant doing a twelve hour shift and having your boss say “well done, you’re a real asset!” The time when you were proud of being an important part of your company but quietly feeling that you deserved more, or could do better for your family in the time spent with them and the money you made to help secure yours and their future?


Well I have to tell you, times have changed! These days it’s ok to say “I am capable and hardworking and now I want to use my skills to secure my future as well as spend more time doing the things that I want to do!” These days it’s ok to say “I want to control my work rather than my work control me!”


These are good reasons why we see an ever increasing amount of people choosing to be their own boss. To feel the satisfaction of being in control of their lives and to have every penny earned by them to be in their pocket.

Who We Are Looking For

At Yarra Valley Farms we are looking for franchisee who:

• are customer focused
• are business orientated & entrepreneurial
• are system orientated & can follow process
• have ethical business practices
• can share in the Yarra Valley Farms vision

Yarra Valley Farms Franchises

Yarra Valley Farms is proud to offer distribution territories throughout Australia to service the Hospitality Industry with Fresh Fruit & Vegetables and related products. We want like minded people to share in our success as a prominent supplier of fresh produce, currently servicing some of Australia’s best known bars, cafes, restaurants, hotels, take-away food outlets, schools, and care facilities.


Applications to become a Yarra Valley Farms Franchisee are welcome from people who are customer focused and willing to service existing customers as well as further grow their business in their designated area.


Our customer offer is unique in that by franchising localised runs within the fruit and vegetable industry, we offer a superior level of service whilst giving our customers value for money on one of the largest range of Fruit and Vegetables in the industry.


At full force we are anticipating that this vision will revolutionise the entire industry, and completely change the way the general public, be it commercial or domestic, buy their produce.

Why a Franchise Model

The biggest difference with Yarra Valley Farms is that we consider our relationships with our franchisees of the highest importance. This is because the success of Yarra Valley Farms is totally dependant on the success of each and every individual franchisee. Therefore, franchisee support in all aspects of our business is our only key focus.


To achieve our vision the business model is fundamentally focused on ensuring that we develop the support structure for franchisee to build their business.


We cannot be all things to all people, the industry Craves for personalised service which our franchisees can deliver while being backed by a franchisor who provides buying power, product variety, farm fresh product, technology support and product information.

The Features

Of course when it comes to considering a Yarra Valley Farms franchise as a business that you would like to have as your own you are also interested in the features that a Yarra Valley Farms franchise offers to you. Click the below links and see a full rundown of what is on offer to you as a franchisee with Yarra Valley Farms.

Guaranteed Income

Guaranteed Income

Purchasing a franchise is a huge decision for anyone and when starting a business there is no income on day one. At Yarra Valley Farms we take this worry away with a weekly guaranteed income. The territories includes an existing customer base & guaranteed weekly income of $1500 a week for the first 6 months, this will have you servicing customer on day one of your franchise.



Yarra Valley Farms is primarily about providing a service of delivering fresh produce to the hospitality industry. We service our customers by providing market feedback and helping them save money by ensuring they are using the right products for their needs.

Currently we supply:

  • Fruit and Vegetables
  • Herbs
  • Eggs
  • Juice
  • Processed Fruit and Vegetables



Franchisees get the support of one of the most recognised brands in the industry. Yarra Valley Farms provides tailored ordering solutions for your customers as well as online and mobile ordering options, putting your service ahead of any competitor.


Yarra Valley Farms provide sales martial to assist you in building your customer base within your territory and the support office will communicate to your customers via Newsletters, Weekly Specials and News flashes to support you further.



We provide comprehensive training in all facets of your franchise including operations, sales, marketing, administration, finance and product knowledge. Each of our franchisees are in a partnership with us, together servicing the hospitality industry doing the job that most competitors try to do on their own.


This partnership with our franchisees gives us the time & ability to offer customers all the benefits of a large company whilst still giving them the benefits of a smaller business in the form of an owner-operated franchise.

The Vehicle

The Vehicle

Each franchisee is responsible for providing a truck for their franchise. Build over time Yarra Valley Farms has an outstanding preferred relationship with our truck supplier which a new franchisee can take advantage of.


Our supplier will fit the truck out with everything you need, from the refrigerated canopy to the internal shelving to a finance package that will suit you and your new franchise. The best thing about a Yarra Valley Farms truck is that you don’t need a truck license, it can be driven on a car license.



Yarra Valley Farms are here to help our franchisees give the best customer service possible to their customers. The support provided to our franchisees includes:

  • We process all your orders
  • We pack all orders for you
  • We print out all your invoices
  • Supply technology assisted packing to reduce errors
  • Tailored Ordering Solutions
  • We offer Internet Ordering for customers
  • Sales Support
  • Delivery Relief Service

Territories Available



Territory Includes:

Brighton Area.

On Port Philip Bay, Brighton is the base of a thriving cafe and restaurant culture.

With the Bay as a backdrop Brighton and the surrounding area have a thriving food culture all year round which comes alive throughout the Summer months as visitors come to the area to enjoy the water and everything it has to offer.



Territory Includes:

Brunswick Area.

In the Inner Northern suburbs of Melbourne, Brunswick is home to a Multicultural mix of all the best our city has to offer.

Centered around the famous Sydney Road cafe and shopping precinct, Brunswick offers an array of food delights from Turkish, to Greek, to Italian and everything in between. Brunswick sits right in the middle of Melbourne’s famous food culture.



Territory Includes:

Melbourne CBD.

The heart of Melbourne’s food culture is of course the Central Business District.

With cafes and restaurants scattered throughout its lanes and streets, Melbourne’s CBD supports the offices and businesses that frequent the area throughout the day as well as visitors enjoying its delights in the evenings and weekends.


Territory Includes:

Frankston and Mornington Peninsula.

Connecting the Metropolitan area of Melbourne to the Mornington peninsula, Frankston is a growing area that brings the best of both worlds.

A large and growing area throughout the year, its Bayside location and entrance to the Mornington peninsula bring the area to life throughout the Summer months.



Territory Includes:

Knox Area.

In the center of the growing Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, Knox is a growing area on the move.

From its former days as the home to VFL, Knox has held a place as the centre of this important Melbourne growth corridor.



Territory Includes:

Malvern Area.

At the entrance to the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, Malvern plays host to the restaurants and cafes of Glenferrie Road as well as much more.



Territory Includes:


As a Gateway to the fastest growing area in Melbourne – the outer western suburbs – Melton has a growth story to tell.

Surrounded by some of the fastest growing suburbs in Melbourne and it’s surrounding areas; Melton stands tall in an area full of young families and young professionals.

North Melbourne


Territory Includes:

North Melbourne.

North Melbourne is situated just 2km from Melbourne CBD.

The area is becoming more ‘gentrified’ and with this trend is an expanding food sector – with great cafes located in and around Errol street.


New South Wales

Territory Includes:


Bondi is home to the world famous Bondi Beach.

A major tourist destination for not just Sydney but all of Australia, Bondi is home to a range of cafes and restaurants that service Sydneysiders and tourists alike.

Darling Harbour


Territory Includes:

Darling Harbour.

Sydney’s famous Harbour sets a stage for the city as a world famous destination and Darling Harbour is a key part of that.

It is home to the Sydney Aquarium as well as Star City Casino but the Harbour itself drags people from all over Sydney and the world to enjoy its many delights.

Five Dock

New South Wales

Territory Includes:

Five Dock.

Based in the Inner West suburbs of Sydney – a short ten minutes from the CBD – Five Dock is a friendly suburb that is home to a range of food options from Italian and Japanese to Thai and Chinese.

North Sydney

New South Wales

Territory Includes:

North Sydney.

On the Lower North Shore of Sydney, North Sydney is a residential and commercial suburb that is a growing and thriving part of the Sydney culture.



Lina Maggiore | January 2011

Becoming a Yarra Valley Farms Franchisee is one of the best moves we have made. You get to run your own business with the support & guidance of a team of people who all want you to succeed.

With the help of training in sales techniques & specialised sales staff I have grown my business by 40% in less than 12 months.

I have found success through good customer service & by making my customers feel that I am an extension of their business.

Bill & Pam Clendenning | February 2014

We wish we had found this business opportunity earlier.
Yarra Valley Farms has changed our lifestyles & it’s a satisfying feeling to be given the chance to be our own boss.

As a Franchise owner we continually get strong support from everyone from the Directors right through to the packing & warehouse team at Yarra Valley Farms.

Having worked in a totally different field previously with no experience in the fruit & vegetable industry, running a business, Yarra Valley Farms have made the whole experience very easy & most of all very enjoyable.
We started in an area with a small amount of business after 3 and a half years we are operating two trucks, this growth would not have happened without Yarra Valley Farms help & support.

Daniel Burgoyne | January 2011

Choosing to join Yarra Valley Farms was a great move for me. It has given me the opportunity to get out from behind a desk and work for my self doing something I enjoy.

The franchise system gives you support and an environment where everyone is working towards the same goal – growing the business.

With good relationships with many of my customers, work feels like a long drive home visiting friends. And best of all is the lifestyle. You get up very early, but often have the afternoon free do as you wish.


Roger Beamish | January 2011

At the age of 44, my goal was to achieve something for myself and my family, now at 51 years and another daughter I am in a great place.
Myself and Yarra Valley Farms have worked together to build up my area to a level which is comfortable for me to maintain and still achieve customer satisfaction.

I have also employed my wife to take care of accounts receivable and this frees my time up to take better care of my customers and also to enlist new customers. In doing this she now has more understanding of the industry and can do this from home while also attending to home duties. This I find a great help.

I have no hesitation in recommending a Yarra Valley Farms franchise to anyone but particularly a husband and wife team.

Our Environment - Introducing enrich360


At Yarra Valley Farms we know that the future of everything we do is determined by the health of the planet and the farms that we source our fruit and vegetables from. To look after our future we have launched a project under the label of enrich360. enrich360 describes the process of returning the food waste created in our client’s kitchens to the soil at the farms where it came from. That way we can reduce landfill and reduce soil degradation whilst creating tastier and more nutritious food. Click on the enrich360 logo to find out more.