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Yarra Valley Farms are wholesale suppliers of quality fruit and vegetables to the Hospitality Industry; including some of Australia’s best restaurants, hotels, cafes, caterers, education and care facilities.

We source fresh produce from farmers and growers, and deliver this directly to our customers via owner-operated Franchisees.  Our Franchisees collect the produce from our distribution centres in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and the Northern Rivers/Gold Coast, and deliver it to our customers that same morning.

Our focus is to be Australia’s most valued fresh produce supplier.  We’re able to achieve this thanks to our Franchisees, our relationships with our growers and our customers, and our proprietary technology which is unique to Yarra Valley Farms.


Why We Franchise


Opportunities Available


Why Yarra Valley Farms


The Franchise System


What You Need


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Why We Franchise

We know that the success of our business is built on the strength of our partnerships with our Franchisees.  We believe that a small business owner takes pride in the work they do and is focused on excellent service.  This will ensure that the Yarra Valley Farms brand is the best customer service provider in our industry.   That’s why we franchise.

Our Franchise Partners

At Yarra Valley Farms, our Franchisees understand their customer’s needs. They are positive, passionate and motivated individuals who share in our vison to be Australia’s most valued fresh produce partner.

Our Franchisees are focused on service, quality and the little details that make a big difference. They love being in charge of their own business but most importantly they love the support that Yarra Valley Farms provides to help them grow their business. A Yarra Valley Farms Franchisee is an early bird!  – they start early but they finish early too! This gives them the flexibility to spend time with their families or on their personal interests.

Opportunities Available

If you’re interested in finding out more about the franchises we have available, we have current franchise business opportunities in each of these areas.




Melbourne CBD
Mornington Peninsula
Surrey Hills




Sydney CBD
Chester Hill




Brisbane CBD




Gold Coast

Why Yarra Valley Farms

The History

Yarra Valley Farms was founded by Bill Kollatos in September 2001 as a fruit and vegetable wholesaler.  Bill is still directly involved in the day to day running of the business today.


After operating as a wholesaler for 18 months, Bill and the team quickly learnt the best way to satisfy their customer base was to provide tailored customer service specific to each chef’s needs. It was this that sparked the concept to develop a franchising model. Bill knew no-one was more committed to providing great service and understanding each customer’s needs then the person who owns their own business.  So, in early 2003, Yarra Valley Farms became the first Australian organisation within the fruit and vegetable industry to establish a franchising model.


After 16 years in the business, today Yarra Valley Farms is the largest franchised supplier of fresh produce to the hospitality industry in Australia.


We generate in excess of $45 million in orders each year which continues to grow at an average of 20% annually*.

*Average Yarra Valley Farms growth rate for last 3 years

To achieve this:

  • We fulfill orders for our 2,000+ customers every day
  • Our team is made up of over 20 Franchisees and 100 support staff
  • We have over 40 trucks out on the road by 7am each day
  • Our team pick and pack approximately 180,000+ orders each year
  • Our procurement team are in the markets from midnight, sourcing the best possible produce

The Franchise System

How our model works

The Yarra Valley Farms business is made up of a carefully designed number of territories.  Each territory has existing customers with the potential to grow the customer base from the hundreds of food service outlets within the territory.


Using our unique online ordering system, customers can directly place orders with Yarra Valley Farms.  Once all customers’ orders are received, the produce is sourced fresh everyday by our buyers.  All orders are then picked and packed by the Yarra Valley Farms team at the distribution centres, ready for collection by the Franchisees.  The Franchisees check and collect the ‘ready-to-go’ orders, then hit the road to make the deliveries to the customers in their territory.


Deliveries are typically completed by midday which allows time for Franchisees to visit businesses in their territory to generate even more new opportunities.

How we support you

Every Yarra Valley Farms Franchisee enjoys a great deal of support from us, so whilst you are in business for yourself you are not by yourself.

  • Induction – prior to getting started you get a chance to meet the team, see the business in operation, and spend time in a territory so you can see the role of the Franchisee for yourself.
  • Training – you’ll spend time with our experienced and qualified team who provide detailed training in all areas of the business.
  • Support Team – our team of service professionals are always available to our customers and Franchisees to provide support.
  • Online Ordering System – our unique and market leading online ordering system can be accessed by customers and Franchisees to make product ordering quick and simple.
  • Ready-to-go Orders – all customer orders are picked, packed and ready for Franchisees to check and collect each morning.
  • Invoice Preparation – our online system will prepare your invoices ready for you to print and drop off to your customer with the delivery.
  • Marketing Support – we’ll provide you with the sales tools you need to create awareness in your area and grow the customer base in your territory.

Your income

Your opportunity for income is based on the number and value of customer orders you achieve in your territory.

Our Franchisees have 2 types of customers-

  • Corporate customers – managed by Yarra Valley Farms, our Franchisees receive a delivery fee to service these customers.
  • Franchisee customers – managed by the Franchisee, you will invoice these customers and they will pay you directly. You will also decide what price each customer will be charged on a daily basis. Yarra Valley Farms still pick and pack these orders, ready for Franchisee pick-up and delivery.

The benefits

There are many great things about being a Yarra Valley Farms Franchisee. The main one being the chance to be a small business owner backed by the support of a well-established reputable brand.


Here are some other great benefits of being a Yarra Valley Farms Franchisee.

  • Large exclusive territory – you will have a defined and exclusive geographical territory made up of several postcodes. In this territory there will be existing customers, most importantly however, there will be the opportunity to grow the customer base from the hundreds of hospitality businesses defined within it.
  •  Income support – we support our new franchisees with a minimum $1500 per week gross income for the first six months. That means if you don’t make this much through orders each week, Yarra Valley Farms will make up the difference.
  • Working hours – whilst you’ll be up and at it nice and early, most days your deliveries will typically be complete by midday, giving you the time to look for new customers or to enjoy yourself.
  • Delivery Relief Service – most small business owners worry about never getting the chance to have a break and recharge the batteries as there’s no-one to look after things if they’re not around. We know everyone needs time out at some stage, so we allow you to arrange to take some time off, and our professional team will cover your business and look after your customers

What do you need

We’re always looking for positive, passionate, motivated and fun-loving people to become Franchisees and part of the Yarra Valley Farms team.  So, if you’re thinking of becoming a small business owner, we know some of the key things you’ll need to bring to be successful.  Do these sound like you?

  • You have a customer focused mentality – you take pride in the customer service you provide as you know this is key to achieving long-term and valuable relationships.
  • You have a good eye for detail – you think about and take care of all the little things that need to be done perfectly, whilst not losing sight of the bigger picture.
  • You have the ability to connect with people – you’ve got a naturally warm and engaging nature, and know how to form good relationships with a variety of people.

And of course, you need to like being up and getting stuck in to your day early, as our Franchisees start to collect their deliveries from our distribution centres at 5 or 6am.

Mandatory Requirements

Candidates are required to meet the following criteria to be eligible to become a Yarra Valley Farms Franchisee.

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Hold a current, and unencumbered Australian Driver’s Licence
  • Demonstrate a very good level of English literacy


To become a Yarra Valley Farms Franchisee, you’ll need to make an initial investment, have available some working capital (cash flow), and pay a small ongoing royalty to Yarra Valley Farms.  Here’s how it works.

Your initial investment is made up of a franchise fee, the fee for the legal documents and the finance you’ll need to get a truck lease.

  • Franchise Fee – The franchise fee is $75,000 plus GST, which provides you with an agreement to operate a franchise in an agreed territory for the period of five years with a further five-year option.  This territory comes with existing customers and income support  for the first six months.
  • Documents Fee – There is an initial fee of $3,000 plus GST for the cost to prepare all the legal documents required.
  • Truck – you’ll need to ensure you can get financing for a truck lease over the term of the franchise agreement. Truck costs can vary, starting from $30,000 for a second-hand vehicle, up to $80,000 for a brand new truck.  A new truck can be leased or purchased outright.

Ongoing, you’ll need to ensure you have finance to manage the cost of operating your business.

  • Working Capital – you’ll need a working capital of $30,000 to $40,000 to start with to ensure you can purchase produce for your customers.
  • Royalties – a small royalty of 2% of gross revenue (plus GST) is charged by Yarra Valley Farms on all orders for your customers.


We’re happy to provide you with details of lenders who understand our business model should you wish to enquire with them about finance.

Who We Are Looking For

At Yarra Valley Farms we are looking for franchisee who:

• have a customer focused mentality
• have a good eye for detail
• have the ability to connect with people

Find Out More

The process

At Yarra Valley Farms, we’re looking for people to be true business partners.  That’s why we’ll want to be sure you have what it takes to be a great Franchisee, and to give you the chance to find out if we’re right for you.


Once you’ve filled in the application form here on our website, we’ll be in contact to arrange a time to meet face to face. In this first meeting we will:

  • Present to you more details about Yarra Valley Farms
  • Take you on a tour of our Distribution Centre
  • Outline how we train and support our Franchisees
  • Explain the process to become a Franchisee
  • Answer any questions you have, and
  • Provide you with some information to take home

Application form

If you’re interested in finding out more about becoming a Yarra Valley Farms Franchisee, please provide us with a few details, so a member of our team can get in contact.

Fields marked with an * are required


We want to be sure you have all the information you need to determine whether a Yarra Valley Farms franchise is right for you.  So here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers.  Of course, if you’ve got other questions, a Yarra Valley Farms team member will be happy to answer them when we speak to you after you’ve made an enquiry.

Q How much money do I need to buy a Yarra Valley Farms franchise?


You’ll need $75,000 plus GST for the franchise fee, $3,000 plus GST for all the legal documents, $30,000 to $40,000 for working capital (cash flow), and the ability to get finance for a truck lease.

Q Do I get to choose which territory I would like to operate?


Yes. We’ll provide you with details of available territories, and we’ll work with you to decide which would be the best opportunity for you.

Q How long does the training take and where does it take place?


Once you get started with us you’ll go through a 2-week induction program, which will involve shadowing another Franchisee on their run and some in-house training. We will also have someone come along with you for a while on your run when you first start. After this there will be further training on various aspects of the business.

Q How long is the franchise term?


Each franchise agreement is for a term of five years, with a further five-year option (subject to Yarra Valley Farms approval) at the end of that.

Q If I become a Franchisee, do I have to operate the business?


Yarra Valley Farms Franchisees are most successful when they operate their own business. We do not encourage investor only Franchisees, who are looking to buy a business that they can employ someone else to work in.

Q Is this a good franchise for 2 or more people?


Whilst it is up to every individual to decide what’s best for them, we find this franchise is best for a single operator.

Q Do I have to carry and hold stock?


No. There is no requirement for you to physically carry and hold stock.  Yarra Valley Farms will process and pack all your orders for you to fulfil your customers’ requirements.  You do however need to have working capital to ensure you can carry the cost of the stock your customers have ordered.

Q Do I have to source my own customers?


Your territory will have existing customers within it.  However, the best way to grow your business is to also get new customers, so we’ll provide training and tools to help you learn how to best do this.

Q Do I need to contact my customers to get their orders?


No. Customers have the choice of using the web based online ordering system or placing orders directly with our Customer Service Team.

Q Do I create my own invoices?


No. Based on customer orders, our online system will prepare your invoices ready for you to print and drop off to your customer with the delivery.

Q What are my average days and hours of work?


Typically you will be working from around 6am to midday, Monday to Saturday.  Some Franchisees choose to employ someone to manage their runs for them one or two days a week.

Q Do I need to know all about fruit and vegetables?


No. A keen interest in food will help you learn, however we’ll provide you with product knowledge as part of your training and through ongoing communication.

Q Do I need to have worked in sales?


No. Whilst any sales training or experience will be useful to you, it is not essential.  We’ll help you through your training and ongoing in developing sales skills and providing you with sales tools to help you grow your business.

Q Do I need a truck licence?


No. The delivery vehicle you will use can be driven with a car licence.

Q What vehicles do you use and how do I get one?


Trucks can be sourced in 2 ways.  You can either buy a second-hand truck from Yarra Valley Farms, or purchase a brand new truck through our suppliers Hino & Fuso trucks. All trucks come fully fitted out and sign written. If you do not want to choose either of these options, you are free to source from other manufacturers as long as they meet the requirements we stipulate.

Q Do I organise my own daily delivery route?


Based on which customers you need to deliver to, our online system can provide you with a route to follow for the day, however, we find that most Franchisees quickly learn the best way to manage their route to make sure they meet their customers need.

Q Can I take some time off?


Yes. Yarra Valley Farms have a Delivery Relief Service, where with suitable notice provided by you we organise someone from our team to manage your business and your customers, so you can take some time off.