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Who We Are
Our History
Our Vision
Service Partnerships
Point of Difference
Environmental Policy

Who We Are

Yarra Valley Farms are a Wholesale Supplier of quality fresh Fruit and Vegetables servicing the commercial and hospitality industries throughout Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland from our distribution centres in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and The Gold Coast.


Customers currently with Yarra Valley Farms include some of the very best bars, cafes, restaurants, hotels, takeaway’s and care facilities in Australia.


Comprising of a consortium of owner-operated franchisees, we deliver fresh produce with fantastic service at great prices!


We are a progressive organisation, who, with the help of technology and franchising, have built a network of farmers, agents, and owner-operated localised runs to take fresh fruit & vegetables direct from the farms to you!


We pride ourselves on our excellent service and our great prices. We understand that each one of our customers have different needs and so we have created a Tailored Ordering System that allows us to be the eyes and ears of each individual customer when we pickup from our Farmers and Agents.

Our History

Yarra Valley Farms was established on September 1, 2001. From the outset, the core focus of the company was to provide quality fresh produce to the hospitality industry with a dynamic combination of great service and fantastic wholesale prices.


By the following year, the Yarra Valley Farms’ customer base was growing rapidly, and management were striving heavily to service their customers on a personal basis, as if the company were set up exclusively to service that one customer.


This is when the concept of franchising originated. This concept would in effect give owner-operated franchisees a localised run to service, and the personal touch could be kept with each and every customer within this growing organisation.

Our Vision

"To be the most valued wholesale Fruit & Vegetable Supplier in the Hospitality Industry, via our strong relationships with our Franchised Owner-operated Distribution Partners"

Service Partnerships

Yarra Valley Farms and each of our franchisees are basically in a partnership, together servicing the hospitality industry; together doing the job that most competitors try to do on their own. Because of the very nature of the industry and the required early morning market starts, our competitors find it hard to do all the things needed to be successful in this industry: buy produce, pack, deliver, support customers and grow their business.


Yarra Valley Farms strategy is to service the Hospitality Industry via a dedicated network of franchisees. We believe that this approach is the most cost efficient method to deliver fresh Fruit & Vegetables to the Hospitality Industry, whilst providing a superior level of service. This is largely because of the dedication that owner-drivers can give to their customers whilst having the support of a large infrastructure like Yarra Valley Farms to take orders, buy, pack and provide produce information and more.

Point of Difference

Our partnership with our franchisees gives Yarra Valley Farms the time and ability to offer their customers all the benefits of a large wholesaler such as buying power, product information, internet ordering, delivery support and a larger product range, whilst still giving them the benefits of a smaller business in the form of an owner-operated driver.

Environmental Policy

A. Purpose

This document describes the policies and procedures of Yarra Valley Farms for conducting their operations and activities in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner.

B. Background

In 2010, Yarra Valley Farms created the Environmental Policy to officially declare a commitment to the protection of the environment and responsible use of natural resources. As the pioneers of change for the Fruit & Vegetable wholesale industry, Yarra Valley Farms leads the way in I.T. efficiencies as well as the implementation of the crate system for delivering produce to its customers. As a proactive organization, Yarra Valley Farms embraces pollution prevention and sustainable development while continually seeking to reduce resource consumption.


The Yarra Valley Farms environmental policy establishes the following important commitments:


  • Compliance with all federal, State, and local environmental laws and regulations.
  • Prevention of pollution by minimizing the generation of wastes where possible, reducing consumption, recycling materials, and disposing of wastes in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • Integration of environmental and health considerations into decision-making processes.
  • Reduce the environmental impact of staff’s commuting to and from work.


All Yarra Valley Farms employees are responsible for being aware of the environmental and health impacts of their jobs and for continually striving to minimize these impacts as set forth in this policy.

C. Policy

Yarra Valley Farms is committed to protecting public health by conducting our operations and activities in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner. We are committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations. We recognize that reducing and, where possible, eliminating the environmental impacts of our activities is an important part of our mission. We strive to be a leader among the Fruit & Vegetable wholesale market and our focus is towards environmental excellence. Yarra Valley Farms will work with its employees and other internal and external entities to establish and follow principles, in conjunction with its Environmental Policy.


Yarra Valley Farms guiding principles and practices to achieve resource conservation, waste reduction, and sustainability overall are summarized below:

  • Comply with mandatory requirements and conduct our activities and operate our facilities within applicable environmental laws and regulations
  • Conserve energy and other natural resources
  • Encourage employees to use mass transit
  • Reduce, reuse, and recycle to reduce waste
  • Minimize the production of hazardous waste
  • Adopt green procurement practices
  • Ensure all employees complete the environmental awareness training
  • Continue to review and minimize the impacts of our activities

D. Responsibility


a) Energy Conservation


Employees shall:


  1. Turn off lights when not in use and use natural light when possible;
  2. Turn off, not just log off, all computers, terminals, speakers and other office equipment at the end of every work day;
  3. Turn off power strips at the end of every work day;
  4. Activate the power down features on computers and monitors to enter into a low-power or sleep mode when not in use;
  5. Unplug equipment that drains energy even when not in use (e.g., mobile phone chargers, fans, coffee makers, desktop printers, radios);
  6. Use compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) in desk lamps as opposed to incandescent lights whenever possible;
  7. Utilize videoconferencing and conference calls as an alternative to travel when possible; and
  8. Limit the use of heaters and air-conditioners.


b) Reduction of Materials Consumption


Employees shall:


  1. Avoid using paper by distributing and storing documents electronically; (Please note if a document is over 5MB printing is permitted.)
  2. Print and photocopy only what you need and double side print jobs when possible;
  3. Tell staff and colleagues that the preference is for double-sided documents; and
  4. Use the back side of old documents for faxes, scrap paper, or drafts.


c) Reduce Fossil Fuel Consumption and Air Pollution


Employees shall:


  1. Ride mass transit or other alternative forms of transportation, where possible;
  2. Use carpools or vanpools, when possible, over single use cars; and
  3. Work from home one day a week, if possible.


d) Minimize Waste and Increase Recycling


Employees shall:


  1. Use durable reusable beverage containers, plates, and utensils;
  2. Reduce the amount of ink in documents that will be printed when possible;
  3. Print documents in black and white or grayscale whenever possible;
  4. Recycle paper, paper products, plastic, binders, folders, catalogs, boxes, bottles, cans, batteries, electronics, toner and ink cartridges if located at Yarra Valley Farms distribution centre;
  5. Recycle plastic and paper products in accordance with relevant statutory regulations. Plans for implementing such recycling will be designated to a Green Policy Manager; and
  6. Donate used furniture and electronics through local charities.


e) Minimize Toxics and Hazardous Waste


  1. Do not pour toxic or hazardous substances down the drain;
  2. Reduce the use of toxic chemicals and use less toxic alternatives wherever possible;
  3. Do not use or purchase mercury or mercury-containing equipment, unless approval has been obtained;
  4. Design experiments, when possible, to use less toxic or hazardous substances;
  5. Purchase chemicals in the smallest quantities needed to avoid over-ordering; and
  6. Dispose of hazardous chemicals appropriately and in accordance with legal requirements.


f) Commitment to Green Purchasing


Employees shall:


  1. Purchase copier and printer paper that contains at least 30% post-consumer recycled content;
  2. Purchase office supplies and furniture that contain the highest percentage of recycled and nontoxic content whenever possible;
  3. Purchase products that contain biobased content whenever possible;
  4. Purchase Energy Star office equipment; and
  5. Purchase second hand quality furniture, electronics and vehicles.


g) Increasing Awareness of Yarra Valley Farms Impact on the Environment and Public Health

All employees are required to read, sign and adhere to the Yarra Valley Farms Environmental Policy.

Our Environment - Introducing enrich360

At Yarra Valley Farms we know that the future of everything we do is determined by the health of the planet and the farms that we source our fruit and vegetables from. To look after our future we have launched a project under the label of enrich360. enrich360 describes the process of returning the food waste created in our client’s kitchens to the soil at the farms where it came from. That way we can reduce landfill and reduce soil degradation whilst creating tastier and more nutritious food. Click on the enrich360 logo to find out more.


"Yarra Valley Farms are always prompt to deliver. Especially with shorts due to errors on either side. Their produce is always of top quality and priced well. Problems are rare but when they do arise they are sorted out with a minimum of fuss."

Yvonne, Head Chef | Hotel

"We always get great service from Yarra Valley Farms. They are always on time, well priced, and it is great to deal with Roger."

Elliot, Soux Chef | Hotel

"We deal with Yarra Valley Farms because of their great service, great quality and especially because problems are followed up and sorted out quickly and efficiently."

Glen, Head Chef | Hotel

"Yarra Valley Farms and Chris do a great job and we are more than happy to recommend him and Yarra Valley Farms and give them an excellent reference."

Mark Ongarello, Chef | Hotel

"In all my year as a chef Yarra Valley Farms is by far the best supplier I've ever had. Yarra Valley Farms has good produce, a great grasp of seasonal produce, and problems are sorted out quickly which makes me happy."

Lex, Chef | Hotel Reservoir

"Yarra Valley Farms are great to deal with, never let us down, have good produce, and fast professional service."

Stella, Manager | Hotel