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Updates on Avocado’s

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It is all about the Avocado at the moment….

The new season Shepherd avocados have arrived at Yarra Valley Farms. Unfortunately, it is difficult to source conditioned fruit and Hass supplies have all but finished. Whilst we will make every effort to ripen fruit in-house, we suggest ordering well in advance, to allow for further ripening, prior to use.

Placing avocados inside paper bags, or storing them alongside already ripened fruit, will help ‘push’ the ripening process.

We are in the process of sourcing Chunky Avocados and hope to have these available in the next week. Stay tuned for a possible workshop on these direct from the grower!

For further tips on how best to store and ripen avocados, call our friendly Customer Service Team, on 1300 73 44 33

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