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Yarra Valley Farms

– When You Want The Best Fruit And Veg Suppliers

Welcome to Yarra Valley Farms, we are the fruit and vegetable wholesalers you have been looking for. What sets us apart from other companies is our commitment to provide each and every one of our customers with excellent services and personalised care. Our goal is to make you feel as if you are the only customer we have. Dealing with us means that you won’t feel like one among many. We offer services you are only used to receiving from your small local fruits and vegetable supplier.


Our large fleet of fruit and vegetable distributors services clients all over Australia.

Gold Coast
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Our Environment - Introducing enrich360
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At Yarra Valley Farms we know that the future of everything we do is determined by the health of the planet and the farms that we source our fruit and vegetables from. To look after our future we have launched a project under the label of enrich360. enrich360 describes the process of returning the food waste created in our client’s kitchens to the soil at the farms where it came from. That way we can reduce landfill and reduce soil degradation whilst creating tastier and more nutritious food. Click on the enrich360 logo to find out more.


"Yarra Valley Farms are always prompt to deliver. Especially with shorts due to errors on either side. Their produce is always of top quality and priced well. Problems are rare but when they do arise they are sorted out with a minimum of fuss."

Yvonne, Head Chef | Hotel

"We always get great service from Yarra Valley Farms. They are always on time, well priced, and it is great to deal with Roger."

Elliot, Soux Chef | Hotel

"We deal with Yarra Valley Farms because of their great service, great quality and especially because problems are followed up and sorted out quickly and efficiently."

Glen, Head Chef | Hotel

"Yarra Valley Farms and Chris do a great job and we are more than happy to recommend him and Yarra Valley Farms and give them an excellent reference."

Mark Ongarello, Chef | Hotel

"In all my year as a chef Yarra Valley Farms is by far the best supplier I've ever had. Yarra Valley Farms has good produce, a great grasp of seasonal produce, and problems are sorted out quickly which makes me happy."

Lex, Chef | Hotel Reservoir

"Yarra Valley Farms are great to deal with, never let us down, have good produce, and fast professional service."

Stella, Manager | Hotel